Is Zimbabwe open for tourism? There are strict Zimbabwe COVID-19 travel guidelines. Please ensure you follow necessary regulations to ensure entry into the country.

Zimbabwe re-opened its major airports to International and Regional passenger flights on 1 October 2020, with domestic services having already resumed earlier in September.

We are DELIGHTED to welcome visitors back to our beautiful country once again!

Is Zimbabwe open for tourism

Basic Zimbabwe COVID-19 Travel Information

Please note the following measures which have been introduced to ensure the health and safety of everyone:

  1. Passengers arriving in Zimbabwe must present a printed : Their vaccination card showing they have had 2 vacciations OR a certificate showing a NEGATIVE COVID-19 PCR test issued by a recognized facility within 48 HOURS before their departure time from their country of origin.
  2. Passengers arriving in Zimbabwe without their vaccination card OR negative PCR certificate, will be PCR tested at their own expense (US$60 per test) at a private facility at their airport of arrival, and, only if the test is negative, will they be allowed to proceed. Please get tested before you set off from your country of origin as this save so many anxious moments. NOTE – this will cause delays.
  3. Any traveller showing COVID-19 symptoms on arrival will be re-tested at their own expense (US$60 per test) at a private facility at their airport of arrival EVEN IF they are in possession of a 48-hour NEGATIVE PCR COVID-19 Clearance Certificate
  4. You are not required by the government of Zimbabwe to have a PCR test to leave the country. However do check if the airline you are flying out on , or if the country you are flying to needs a PCR test on arrival . If they do we can arrange for a test to be done at your hotel . The cost at a local lab is U$60 per/person(cash) , in Victoria Falls the lab technicians will come to your hotel to take the sample . The cost is U$70 per/person (cash) your results will be out the same day if your test is done before 2pm. If after 2pm, the results will be available the next morning.

For up-to-date advice on COVID-19 and travel to Zimbabwe, please contact the Zimbabwean Embassy in your country.