Mana River Camp is situated along the banks of the formidable Zambezi River, nestled between this expansive perennial waterway and a frequently visited water pan, a favorite spot for elephants to indulge in mud baths.

Providing shade within the camp are riverine forests, primarily composed of Trichilia Emetica and the renowned Faidherbia Albida, also known as the apple ring or Anna Tree.

Mana River Camp Accommodation

What sets this camp apart is its mobile tented camp concept, referred to as a TEC – Temporary Extended Camp. At the conclusion of each season and before the onset of the wet season, the entire camp is dismantled. This approach creates an authentic, old-fashioned bush camping experience.

With no fences around the camp, guests can relish the tranquil atmosphere while observing a diverse array of wildlife that may pass through.

Mana River Camp Wildlife

Elephants are frequent visitors to the camp, seemingly eager to acquaint themselves with the guests. The camp comprises six thoughtfully positioned tents along the Zambezi River, including one designated for guides.

Guests can leisurely unwind and absorb the expansive views of the mighty river.

As part of the Machaba Family, Mana River Camp enjoys the added advantage of a permanent sister camp, Ingwe Pan, located further inland at the Ingwe Pan in Mana Pools. This connection enhances the overall experience for guests seeking a seamless and enriching safari adventure.