The capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare, is a beautiful city; set high on the country’s central plateau.

It is a modern city of new buildings, wide pedestrian walkways, and streets lined with flowering Jacaranda & Flamboyant Trees. There are also various parks and gardens in the city centre.

They are proud of their city’s cultural and historical heritage with a push to preserve older buildings in the city.

Harare - Capital of Zimbabwe

Harare City Attractions

The National Gallery houses not only a valuable and interesting national collection, but it also plays host to travelling international exhibitions. There is a permanent display of Shona soft-stone carvings which Zimbabwe is famous internationally for.

Housed in the National Archives is the priceless collection of Rhodesiana and Africana. These are diaries, reports, and notebooks showcasing the original works of some of the greatest names in the exploration of Africa.

Also well worth a visit are the Queen Victoria Museum and the Queen Victoria National Library. Both of these are at the Civic Centre in Rotten Row.

Tourists will find plenty of shopping opportunities with the Mbare traditional market, the Chupungu Kraal (home of Zimbabwe’s top soapstone carvers), and various curio shops selling locally made wares.

Harare Activities

  • City tours
  • Tour of Hero’s acre
  • National Art Gallery
  • Chupungu Kraal
  • Domboshawa & Dombakarera
  • Lake Chivero & Kumba Shiri bird gardens
  • Lion & Cheetah Park
  • Snake Park